Comprehensive Wealth Management Since 1986

Even in the best of circumstances, wealth preservation is an on-going challenge. When you factor in volatile national and international financial markets, increasing uncertainty in government, unpredictable investments, and longer life expectancies, working with an experienced investment advisor may be more important than ever.

You need a professional who has the experience and perspective to gauge how changes in the broad financial landscape, both national and global, may impact financial markets AND your wallet.

At Summit Planning Group, we have been doing just that since 1986. We provide comprehensive wealth management for retirees and pre-retirees, incorporating a disciplined style that is conservative while remaining flexible in the face of change.

Many financial planners invest your money, often using a pre-determined risk tolerance profile, then sit back and let it ride without regard to external factors. Not here at Summit Planning Group!

More than 36 years in business has taught us that investing doesn't happen in a vacuum. To invest properly, you need to take a serious and analytical look at the national and global macroeconomy. This "big picture" is critical when investing in a constantly changing environment - yet overlooked by so many financial planners.

The Summit Difference

Once you decide to become a Summit Planning Group client, we will work with you, tailoring your investments to your needs while working to ensure that they are also appropriate within the bigger scope of the world economy.

Our managed accounts are monitored on a daily basis, in an effort to ensure that your portfolio is adjusted as economic conditions change. No "buy and hold" – your portfolio is designed to be reflective of your goals AND in sync with the "big picture."